Gluten-Free Traveler's Guide to Navigating Singapore

You need gluten-free. We will help you find it.

Say Goodbye to Gluten Worries:
Discover the Ultimate Guide to Gluten-Free Dining in Singapore!

Gluten-Free Traveler's Guide to Navigating Singapore

Insider Information and Essential Planning Tools

Have you ever struggled to find safe gluten-free options while exploring a new city?

Singapore is challenging for even the seasoned gluten-free veterans.

  • Language barriers: even though most everything is in English, accent and vocabulary differences can lead to confusing conversations.

  • Cross contamination: common local cooking methods create a high risk of adding gluten to your food.

  • Limited gluten-free options: Rice may be an asian staple food, but there is plenty of wheat and gluten here too!

  • Cultural understanding of gluten: Celiac disease is not common here and most people do not grasp how one gluten crumb can be dangerous.

We Have Done The Research For You

How would you like to sit down with a trusted gluten-free local and plan your trip?

With our course, you get the insider information on where to eat, what questions to ask, what foods to avoid and so much more. Plus everything is kept up to date and new information and recommendations are being added.

All the tools and resources you need to plan ahead and make informed choice about where to eat and what to order.

Included in the

Gluten-Free Traveler's Guide to Navigating Singapore

The insider information you really need



• Bilingual Dining Cards in 5 languages

• 40 page downloadable guide

• Location map of restaurants


Changi Airport

• Arrival & departure information

• Gluten-free at the airport

• Packing tips


Groceries & Supplies

• Grocery & specialty stores

• Meal Delivery Services

• Special Celebration Tips


Dining Information

• Dedicated Gluten-Free Kitchens

• Recommended Restaurants

• Hawker center information

• Coffee, Snacks and Treats


Singapore Tips

• Managing Expectations

• Preparing for you Trip

• Medical Certificates


Local Knowledge

• Local Gluten Containing Ingredients

• Cooking Methods

• Local vocabulary

• more

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We've done the research for you

We all know gluten-free living requires preparation and planning.

With this travel guide, you can hit the ground running and be ready to enjoy your Singapore holiday.

We have all been stuck at home for far too long, come on over and have some fun!

Included in the course

  • 40 page downloadable PDF

  • 5 bilingual dining guides (Mandarin, Thai, Japanese, Hindi, & Tagalog)

  • 20 videos lessons highlighting key gluten-free planning tips

  • Links to all restaurants and shops

  • Current information on restaurants and cafes

  • Guide updates for one year

  • Hawker center information

  • Map of recommended restaurants to help you plan your visit

You want to:

  • See Singapore’s great attractions

  • Know where you can find a good gluten free restaurant

  • Know when you need to bring your own snacks

  • Enjoy your holiday!

You do not want to:

  • Try to explain gluten free to your waiter

  • Wander around the hawker center and wonder if there is anything you can eat

  • Deal with hangry gluten free kids while sightseeing

  • Get glutened

Nice To Meet You

Hello! I'm Karen Horan.

I landed in Singapore in 2011 with a hungry celiac child. Let me tell you, it was very stressful. I knew how to do gluten-free in the USA, but Singapore was a whole different place.

I spent the first few months checking out grocery stores, wet markets, and hawker centers. I asked questions at restaurants and left disappointed. I researched blogs and articles only to find out the information was out of date.

Eleven year later I have put together an entire course of all the information I wished I had at my fingertips before we even boarded our first flight to Singapore. Traveling gluten-free doesn’t have to be stressful!

You may be wondering...

How quickly can I get this guide?

Now! As soon as your purchase goes through, you will receive an email with a link to download the most current version of our travel guide. 

Information changes quickly, how do I get updates?

You will receive an email whenever there is a significant update to the guide. The most recent update is March 2023.

Why is there a fee for the guide?

By purchasing The Gluten-Free Traveler's Guide to Navigating Singapore, you're not only investing in your own gluten-free travel experience but also supporting a worthy cause. 

All proceeds from the sale of this guide go towards local gluten-free education and awareness, helping to spread knowledge and understanding about celiac disease and gluten intolerance in Singapore.  Plus, with our comprehensive guide, you'll save time, effort, and money by having access to everything you need to know about gluten-free dining in Singapore in one convenient package.  So why not invest in both your own experience and the community by purchasing The Gluten-Free Traveler's Guide to Navigating Singapore?

I live in Singapore, will this guide help me?

Yes! If you are new to the gluten free diet, this is a terrific resource to get you started.

We also highly recommend that you take our Gluten Free Bootcamp online course which goes into much greater detail about ingredients, cross contamination, and safe gluten-free food preparation. 

Will I need internet access to use the guide while I am traveling?

You can download the guide as a PDF. You will need the internet to access the links for further information. We encourage you to watch all lessons and read through the guide before you leave home so that you are well prepared when you arrive in Singapore. 

Gluten Free Globetrotter,
New York City

This is a tremendous resource for anyone with celiac disease or gluten intolerance that is traveling to Singapore.

From landing at the airport, to booking your accommodations, to grocery shopping, this guide covers everything you need to navigate being gluten free in Singapore.

Georgina, New Zealand

This guide to Singapore has totally exceeded my expectations. Having all the GF eating information in one book to carry and refer to will ultimately help shape a stress free holiday.

Not only will you find the places to eat and what to avoid helpful, but Karen has included tips for getting around, navigating the airport as well as top tourist recommendations and how not to go hungry! This guide gives me the confidence to plan an exciting and safe trip to Singapore very soon!

You get it all for only

$18 SGD

Thats less than $14 USD

  • 40 Page Downloadable PDF

  • 5 Bilingual Dining Guides (Mandarin, Thai, Japanese, Hindi, & Tagalog)

  • 20 Videos lessons highlighting key gluten-free planning tips

  • Links to all restaurants and shops

  • Current info on restaurants and cafes

  • Guide updates for one year

  • Hawker Center Information

  • Map of recommended restaurants

Start Planning Your Trip Today

Gluten Free Singapore Travel Guide