New Indian Curry House

Are you craving some good Indian food in Singapore, but aren't sure which restaurants can accommodate you? 

Our gluten-free family frequently goes to The New Indian Curry House on Bukit Timah Road.  

We have put together a list of the dishes that are generally safe.

If you go:

Call ahead to book and mention that you will need gluten-free food.

Print out and bring along the gluten-free menu for easy ordering.

Download New Indian Curry House
Gluten Free Menu Options 

Print out, fold, and bring along the Hindi language dietary alert guide. Give this guide to the host or waiter to bring to the kitchen. 

Download Hindi Gluten-Free Alert Guide

Contact Information: 

805 Bukit Timah Road #01-03
Sixth Avenue Centre
SG 279883
+65 6463 6289


This information is accurate for the New Indian Curry House on Bukit Timah Road at Sixth Avenue Centre as of the date of publication. Please be aware that wheat is used in the kitchen. Best practices will be used by the chef to eliminate the risk of cross contamination. It is your responsibility to communicate clearly with the staff and use your best judgement.  

The information in this post is provided in good faith and is not an absolute guarantee of a gluten-free meal.