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Hello Gluten-Free

Learn from the Gluten-Free Gurus how to successfully eliminate gluten from your kitchen and life. 

This is the best course I've seen covering all things gluten-free!


Your gluten-free diet will be successful when you master the foundations

The Problem With Gluten

What is gluten and why is it so important for some people to eliminate it from their diet?

What Foods Are Gluten Free

Learn the thousands of naturally gluten-free ingredients you can safely eat.

Where Does Gluten Hide?

Gluten sneaks into the most unexpected places. Know where to look so you don't get tripped up.

Cross Contamination

Keep your meal gluten-free from start to finish. Anticipate and eliminate the possibility of gluten contamination.

Gluten Free Living

Living gluten-free is more than just giving up bread. Learn how to adjust to family, school, work, social events, travel and dining out.

Don't waste time searching the internet

Having the answers quickly if critical to your success. All of the information and resources you need to master gluten-free is right here. 

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Highly recommend the Gluten Free Bootcamp. It's a fantastic resource for both people newly diagnosed and who’ve been gluten-free for a while. 


Support & Success Through Knowledge

There are many reasons why people choose to eliminate gluten from their lives. No matter what has led you to gluten-free, it is critically important to know and follow the rules. 

Even if you are the only one in your household following a gluten-free diet, your success depends on everyone having a basic understanding of what you can and cannot eat. 

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Visual Lessons

Each video is visual and has an option for English subtitles.

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Inside Gluten Free Bootcamp

Video Lessons

Short visual lessons explain key concepts. Over 120 minutes of videos.


Supporting handouts, charts, and information to help you get started. 

Recipes and Shopping Guide

Tried and tested recipes that will make anyone happy.

What People Are Saying

This course is a really excellent way to get a full and very thorough understanding of following a gluten-free diet, for someone with coeliac disease. It can be tough, especially here in Singapore, but doing the course will help you hugely. I highly recommend it to anyone new to coeliac disease or needing a refresher. Great work!

- Kathy Lowes-Switzer, Dietician

Being a dedicated gluten-free bakery, we learned valuable lessons from this course how to keep our kitchen safe from cross-contamination and increased the baseline of ingredients that we can use in our bakes.

- Andrey & Shirley,

As a grandmother with celiac family, I need to prepare for gluten-free visits. This presentation is extremely helpful and the information is extensive but concise. It is great to have all the information I need in one place. I also love being able to print out lessons for reference. Thanks for helping me keep my family healthy.

- Judy, grandmother

Who Else Needs To Master Gluten Free?


If you are offering gluten-free products, it is essential you follow proper protocol

Food & Beverage

Your whole staff needs to understand gluten-free including hosts and waitstaff


Gluten-free is a common request. Know how to do it safely 

Gluten Free Gurus

Learn from the gluten-free experts!

Karen Horan

Karen jumped into the gluten-free world in 2006 when her young daughter was diagnosed with celiac disease. Over the past 15 years, she has conquered the challenges of creating a gluten-free home, navigating school events and activities from nursery to senior high, and an international move from America to Singapore.

In 2012 Karen set up the Singpapore Celiac and Gluten Intolerance Support Group which is still running today and has directly helped hundreds of people overcome the challenges of managing a gluten-free diet.

Charlotte Court

In 2012 Charlotte was working as a pediatric nurse when her toddler and husband were both diagnosed with celiac disease. With two gluten-free people to feed, she actively mastered the world of gluten-free living, making sure home and school were safe.

Charlotte is an accomplished gluten-free cake baker and worked in a professional bakery in London. After a move from the UK to Singapore, she brings her skills and knowledge to International Gluten Free and is ready to make the world a better place for everyone on a gluten-free diet. 

All The Tools You Need To Master Gluten Free Living

Don't spend another day confused and frustrated. We will get you sorted out in no time at all.

Gluten Free Bootcamp Pro


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  • 25+ Video Lessons
  • 15+ Downloadable handouts and worksheets
  • Recipe Collection: dozens of our tried and tested gluten-free favorites
  • Private Community Group
  • Office Hours in private community gluten for answering questions

Gluten Free Bootcamp Pro PLUS


Bootcamp plus extra support

  • 25+ Video Lessons
  • 15+ Downloadable handouts and worksheets
  • Recipe Collection: dozens of our tried and tested gluten-free favorites
  • Private Community Group
  • Office Hours in private community gluten for answering questions
  • 60 minutes one-to-one video call with a Gluten Free Guru.

Every Crumb Counts

It only takes a few tiny crumbs to ruin a good gluten-free meal. Whether you are following the diet or preparing food for someone else, you need to know how to eliminate gluten.

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