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Hi, I'm Karen. I'm a founding member of the Singapore Celiac and Gluten Intolerance Support Group, and Gluten Free Singapore, established in 2012. I began running a gluten-free household for my celiac daughter and gluten-intolerant husband over a decade ago.


Singapore Gluten Free Travel Guide

Are you traveling to Singapore? This guide contains all the information you need for your gluten free holiday.


Gluten Basics

Learn all about gluten here.

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Do you need some gluten free inspiration in the kitchen? Check out all our favorite recipes and ingredients.

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I LIVE in Singapore

So do we! And we are happy to share our gluten free knowledge with you. Whether you are a seasoned veteran or just starting out we have info for you.


I am TRAVELING to Singapore

You can change timezones, but you can't change your need for a gluten free diet. The information you need is here.


I am MOVING to Singapore

You have enough to do with an overwhelming move. Let us help you get your gluten free ducks in a row so you can move with ease.

Gluten Free is a Powerful Diet

No matter the reason you choose to follow a gluten free diet, it will impact your life


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Come and meet your gluten free community. Our local support group meets up monthly to connect and learn.



Check out some of our favorite products and spots to dine in Singapore.


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Singapore Support Group

Come and meet your gluten free community! Our local support group meets up monthly to connect and learn.


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Meet Your Gluten Free Guide

Karen's family includes a celiac daughter and gluten intolerant husband. She moved from America to Singapore 12 years ago.

After living in Singapore for a year, she saw a need for more support and resources for those with celiac disease and gluten intolerance, so she took the initiative to start a support group to raise awareness to help others in the same situation.

With a passion for helping others, Karen is dedicated to spreading knowledge and resources about the gluten-free lifestyle, so that everyone can live happy, healthy lives.

What can we help you with?

Everyone's journey is unique and everyone needs different information.

I have gluten free family coming for a visit. Help!

Our Singapore Gluten Free Travel Guide will help you and them prepare for a fabulous visit. Also there is a blog article to read.

I am recently diagnosed with celiac disease.

you have a lot to learn. Start with gluten free bootcampl

I have been told to eliminate gluten

No matter the reason, getting your gluten free diet off to the right start is critical for success. Start with our gluten free courses.

I have a gluten free child

Children are not miniature adults. A gluten free diet is not a one size fits all remedy. Check out our information about raising a happy, well adjusted gluten free child.

I would like to cook for gluten free people

Thank you for your willingness to learn the rules. Serving food to people who follow a medically necessary gluten free diet is more than just buying loaf of gluten free bread. If you are unfamiliar with the preparation rules, we will help you get started. Remember, what is a simple crumb to you is a dose of poison to someone else.

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